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From documentary to fiction and the bits in between - an afternoon of films featuring Hackney Wick as the main protagonist. Stories of pleasure, discovery, loss and celebration providing a cross-section of the transformation taking place in Hackney Wick.

1. Edgeland (15:25mins) 2009
Edgeland is a film by artist Sally Mumby-Croft, co-directed by Xavier Zapata. Shot entirely around Hackney Wick it uses voice overs from local people to creating a great introduction to the Wick area and the many changes it is facing from the ever encroaching 2012 Olympic Developments.

2. The Games (17mins) 2008
A film by Hilary Powell made in 2007 before the arrival of the ubiquitous blue fence. A surreal alternative sporting event inspired by the DIY nature of the 1948 London Olympics, 'The Games' sets its athletes loss on a crumbling Hackney Wick which was about to be lost forever.

3. Outfall (6:16mins) 2009
"A road movie for a road that was never built". A film by David Knight following the Northern Outfall Sewer which heads east from Hackney Wick. Better recognised as the Greenway, this path was long known as an escape East away from the city and its rules being overtaken by nature, mopeds and graffiti.

4. Olympic Stories: Hackney Wick (7:44mins) 2009
A film by Dave Hill, Francesca Panetta and David Levene which looks at people and places which make up the stories behind the areas where the Olympics will be taking place.

5. This Was Forever (10mins) 2008
A prize winning film from Mark Aitken and young film makers from polkadotsonraindrops which follows the story of the Manor Garden Allotments which struggled to hold their own before being demolished in 2007 to make way for Olympic projects.

6. Trowbridge Blow Down (4:01mins) 1985
Two clips from BBC News covering demolitions on the Trowbridge Estate in Hackney Wick, the initial blast was unsatisfactory and became known as "the leaning tower of Hackney".

7. Computer Pub (2:30mins) 1965
'The Pub of The Future' a clip from Tomorrow's World featuring trials of automated drink ordering system at a pub in Hackney Wick. The pub in question was the Victoria (Hotel) on Eastway.

8. Coracle Regatta (3:17mins) 2006
Harry Meadows' film of his first Coracle Regatta project which took place on the Cut outside the Eton Manor's Johnstone Boathouse. The site of the traditional 'Christmas' swim, the artificial waterway continues to host this informal boat race which, coincides with the annual Hackney Wicked Festival, until 2012.

9. What Have You Done Today, Mervyn Day? (45mins) 2005
The story of the Lea Valley River area as it prepares to be forever changed by the 2012 Olympics directed by Paul Kelly in collaboration with St. Etienne. A celebration of an area which saw the invention of plastic, petrol and the formation of the Labour movement, the film depicts a young boy cycling around the area on the day the Olympic decision was announced.
Filmed and directed by Paul Kelly, produced by Andrew Hinton, music by Saint Etienne, written by Kevin Pearce and edited by Mikey Tomkins.