Wick Curiosity Shop

Wick Common Shop





Fountain Area, South Park
Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

The Wick Common Shop is not a shop in the traditional sense. It is an archive, a billboard, a venue for discussion, a studio and sometimes a shop.

For a six month period its residency takes place in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park where it will host events, workshops and exhibitions around the idea of the ‘Common Object’, artefacts which are not conceived for individual gain but which express ideas of a common good while at the same time unearthing and revealing hidden relationships or narratives about the locality.

There will be a number of billboards attached to the shed to which we will attach large scale posters which will change on a regular basis to keep the shed animated when not in use. Posters will be printed in black and white using the identity of the Wick Curiosity Shop (see website). Large posters will be produced using tiled A3 paper. On Saturdays The Common Shop is invigilated by an artist Sara Kärpänen, who is interested in exploring models of perceiving, making and exhibiting art in non-art spaces. The shop is open for public every Saturday 11-5pm.

The Shop is open for public every Saturday 11-5pm.

Common Shop is a mobile structure that's residency takes place in Olympic Park.

The shed is currently in the Fountain Area, South Park.

Shed locations:

1. Fountain Area, South Park

2.Tumbling Bay, North Park

3. Mobile Garden / Chobham Manor