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Walking Carpenters Estate





Carpenters Arms
Carpenters Road
E15 2JH

Join us for a 'walk and talk' across the Carpenters Estate in Stratford, east London.
With the arrival of infrastructure for the Olympics, the new Westfield shopping centre, new hotels and housing developments the Greater Carpenters Neighbourhood has changed beyond recognition. As these have sprung up, the Carpenters Estate population at the core of this neighbourhood, has gradually been moved out by the London Borough of Newham in preparation for the demolition of the estate. Currently only half of the existing housing units on the estate are still occupied by approximately 700 residents.

In 2006 the LB Newham commenced the decanting of the estate with view of demolition. Currently there are 394 void units on the Carpenters Estate leaving the three 22 story tower blocks overlooking the Olympic Park mainly uninhabited. The London Borough of Newham is currently refusing to share information about plans for the redevelopment of the estate with the local population.

Architect firm What if: projects was commissioned in 2013 by the Tenants Management Organisation to work with the Carpenters estate and the team is currently supporting the residents ambition for a neighbourhood plan which might include the Greater Carpenters Neighbourhood.

Hackney Wick lies at the opposite end of Carpenters Road. With the Olympic Park now fully open Hackney Wick can connect eastwards again and we are taking the opportunity to meet our neighbours and explore what links can be established between Hackney Wick, the Greater Carpenters Estate and the emergence of a Neighbourhood Plan.

The informal walk will be guided by, public works with local residents and What if: Projects to explore the Carpenters Estate and talk about neighbourhood planning while offering a chance to walk, talk and explore.
The walk will last approximately 1.5 hours and will end with a drink at the Carpenters Arms.

Places are limited and RSVP is necessary.

About: Carpenters Estate Neighbourhood Plan
The Carpenters Resident Steering Group (RSG) meets on a monthly basis since 2002 with the aim of influencing the London Borough of Newham's regeneration plans for the Carpenters Estate. Since 2006 the RSG has campaigned for the engagement of local residents into the planning process. Most recently the RSG together with the Tenants Management Organisation (TMO) have commenced the development of a Neighbourhood Plan, supported by architecture practice What if: projects. 'Direct Support' by a planner from Locality has successfully been secured for a 5 month period who will guide the formation of a Neighbourhood Forum and the Designation of the Neighborhood Plan Area.

About: What if: projects
What if: projects Ltd is an architecture practice based in Hackney and was founded by Ulrike Steven and Gareth Morris in 2006. The work is focused in inner city areas and develops ideas and strategies for more sustainable urban environments. What if: projects investigate neglected, forgotten and unloved spaces and develop opportunities these places can offer to communities and the city. Proposals for change are based on a in depth understanding of an environment and the people that inhabit it. Essential to the development and delivery of the projects is the engagement with local communities.