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WALK: Co-Producing the Makeshift





Wick Green
Hackney Wick

Complementing Wick Session on the Makeshift City, a walking tour of the makeshift spaces of Hackney Wick has been organised. It is entitled The Production of the Makeshift and will be led by Richard Brown from Affordable Wick. The walk will cover a range of public and private spaces which exemplify the rich ‘makeshift vernacular’ of Hackney Wick, including community gardens, live-work warehouses, temporary street furniture, affordable workspaces, and a skatepark. We will be joined by some of the people involved in the production of these spaces, and will discuss the tension between improvisation and regulation, temporariness and permanence.

Spaces are limited and RSVP is necessary.
Reserve your space here

We will meet at 3pm on the Wick Green opposite the St Mary's Church.
the walk will last approximately 1.5 hours.