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Swan Wharf
60 Dace Road
Fish Island
E3 2NG

New workshop spaces are emerging across London which facilitate making by providing an affordable workspace and easy access to tools and equipment. A culture of making is re-emerging and new knowledge networks have begun to develop, connecting not only the professionals with amateurs, but a broad range of people with wide ranging interests and skill-sets.

The session has not only been formulated in order to capture the current zeitgeist that is the 'Open Workshop' but also for us to consider the bigger picture for these spaces. Perhaps in the near future these wide-ranging units could begin working together and cross-pollinate for new networks, ideas, and methods to develop.

Invited guest speakers will provide a behind the scenes look at how these initiatives function and sustain themselves.

Martin Dittus is a trustee of the London Hackspace, a community-run and non-profit workshop space in East London, with 900 members and growing. Hackspaces exist worldwide and are places to meet people, learn, socialise and collaborate.

Joe Swift will introduce Redundant Architects Recreation Association (RARA). RARA, a newly formed cooperative, is an energetic, shared infrastructure that provides affordable space for a multitude of activities Clapton.

Rory Gallagher set up Create Space London, which is an independent artist led, non-for-profit organisation. Artists, designers, crafts, makers and hackers share the 11th floor of a former office building in Stonebridge, north west London. Create Space was as a result to address need and lack of, affordable and accessible creative spaces.

Mathew Leung and Rob Shear will introduce the Blackhorse Workshop newly opened up in Walthamstow. Blackhorse Workshop was initiated by Assemble and provides workshop and studio space along educational courses for makers.

The session is organised in collaboration with Umi Baden-Powell who is a maker, artist and designer based in London. Conceptually, she is concerned with 'urban nomadism', an investigation that looks at the depleting resources of the city. Her mobile structures and designs provide efficient use of what is currently available and also seek to extend access to space(s). She is currently undertaking research for the creation of a mobile open-access workshop based (initially) in South East London.

The evening will be hosted at Swan Wharf, a new studio and event space in Fish Island initiated by the Hive. Rufus Lawrence will introduce Swan Wharf and the recently opened fully functional wood working space which can be rented on a permanent or
temporary basis.

Swan Wharf, 60 Dace Road, London E3 2NG
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