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Mandeville Place
Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
Pink Tent

Wick Session No.21: Mobile Ecologies will take place as part of the Art Moves exhibition held in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Mobile Ecologies will bring together a diverse range speakers who initiated mobile projects which have a broader ecological interest. A series of short presentation will be followed by a discussion, highlighting the ecological ambitions behind the projects and explore the cultures and practices of 'doing things mobile'.

Lise Autogena is a Professor of Cross Disciplinary Art at Sheffield Hallam University. Together with Joshua Portway and composer Orlando Gough she created the Foghorn Requiem in 2013, a community portrait of the maritime North East in the form of a requiem performed by the Souter Foghorn, three brass bands and fifty ships on the North Sea. Lise Autogena will talk about her work aboard the vessel Zeldenrust III, a 28 meter Dutch ex-commercial motor ship on the Thames in central London. Her talk will touch upon urban water space wars, water-based traditions and dreams of alternative futures on the waterways of Europe.

Pilot Publishing was initiated by Ella Gibbs and Amy Plant in 2004 following the project Laburnum Pilot – A Street Magazine. Since then they have worked together and with communities in a variety of locations from allotment gardens to underground stations. With an expanded notion of 'Publishing', the artists activate alternatives inspired by and for communication. Each project is guided by a 'rule' or set of rules and is a 'Pilot'. So the larger projects are often prototypes, experiments or tests, with longevity in mind. Ella lives in London and Amy has lived in the US since 2011. Ella Gibbs will be talking about the 'Energy Cafe', a horse trailer transformed into a mobile off-grid community kitchen. Initially to reinvigorating a feeling of the original 'commons' at Gunpowder Park where land was used as a resource for all. Energy Cafe had three rules: everything was made from recycled materials - found and donated, food was foraged or farmed within a six mile radius and all the energy was generated off-grid using bicycle power, solar and waste or local wood.

Umi Baden-Powell is a maker, artist and designer based in London. Conceptually, she is concerned with 'urban nomadism', an investigation that looks at the depleting resources of the city. Her mobile structures and designs provide efficient use of what is currently available and also seek to extend access to space(s). Umi is the owner of a converted milk float called A-Float. She converted it so it can be used for exhibitions, a small space for groups to meet, covered seating, a little stage, a small office / residency. Whilst carrying out the conversion at a disused dairy in Streatham, she met a local resident who described the 'amazing milk float conventions' which took place inside the dairy during the 1970s with milk floats from all over Europe present.' This encounter inspired Floatilla - a contemporary milk float convention displaying milk floats that have been adapted to serve new purposes. Floatilla aims to bring together the plethora of modified milk floats within the UK and explore the multitude of imaginative possibilities that they each demonstrate.