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Tori Bravery

90 Main Yard is a diverse collection of creative spaces housed in a former dye cutting factory put together to foster creativity, collaboration and community.

We endeavour to provide affordable and inspiring work spaces along with collaborative working opportunities to empower, motivate and inspire people into living happier
and more fulfilled lives through community bonds, creative projects and business development.

Large areas of 90 Main Yard are dedicated to support and encourage these values through an open plan coworking space that is home to a variety of creative professionals, social enterprises and start-ups. A bit of social animation, such as shared breakfasts, helps to build strong relationships and community bonds amongst members.

You will also find a variety of musicians housed in the purpose built music studios alongside the creative workshops of photographers, stylists, event production and film-makers.

Bringing all these elements together is the Bar & Kitchen, No.90.
Built from scratch using reclaimed materials, the big airy space has an events line up to suit any taste along with the well stocked bar and gourmet burgers.

You can really feel the love and attention that went into the making 90 Main Yard and the great things that are happening here.