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Thomas Fletcher

Young budding chef and big time skipper Thomas Fletcher decided to pool his resources after completing his masters thesis into the biggest food waste bin in the UK, set out/up to intercept and empty it. His company Rejuce has a strict constitution of expanding to reduce food waste by redirecting surpluses into economically, socially and environmentally friendly products. So far saving over 30 tons of food from being wasted Rejuce sells 200 bottles a week within a 2 mile radius from its production kitchen since Sep 2012.

The Banquets are a social event periodically to bring together 100-120 people saving up to 1 tone of food. Th night consists of talks about the issue of food waste, Live entertainment, music story telling, partying/dancing/ranting and enchanting, whilst changing other peoples perceptions about the beautification/commodification of food in the UK.