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Stephen Hill

Stephen is a chartered planning and development surveyor, working as an independent public interest practitioner. He has public and private sector experience of housing, planning and delivering mixed-use development, urban extensions, new settlements, and community-led neighbourhood regeneration, with previous form in Hackneywick, working on the redevelopment of the Trowbridge Estate in the early 1990s. He is currently the RICS' representative on the board of the Housing Forum and DCLG's Housing Policy Sounding Board, and was Chair of the Land, Procurement and Strategic Planning sub-group of the Government Industry Self-Build Working Group which launched the government's initiative to support the custom build housing sector. He has been a long-time champion of land and tax reform, and all forms of citizen inspired housing, and is currently a board member of both the National CLT & UK Cohousing Networks. He visited the USA and Canada last year as a Churchill Fellow, studying the relationship between the state and citizens, through community organising for housing.