Wick Curiosity Shop


Sam Brown

I am working with Public Works on the ReUser Manual for Hackney Wick - a publication for print and web that seeks to provide a resource for re-users interested in re-appropriating spaces and materials to create new uses for public and private space, new products, tools, devices and objects, or new ways of doing things. The document will form part of the Wick Curisity Shop collection, and be accompanied by a Re-Use Resources database of interesting things we come across in its preparation. The Re-User Manual is being developed with support from SPACE studios and the Vodafone World of Difference programme, and work conducted during its preparation will feed into the Wick Sessions, a series of events organised by Public Works uner the Wick-on-Wheels (WOW) and RUrban banners.

I am also a research assistant with the Motivating Collective Custom Build research team at the University of Sheffield, working in partnership with Ash Sakula Architects and Design for Homes. As part of the AHRC-funded Home Improvements Knowledge Exchange, the project seeks to reveal the opportunities for and barriers facing people that want to come together and build their own homes in a way that is more affordable and of higher quality to that available on the open market.

I teach design studio part-time at both the University of Sheffield School of Architecture, and the Leicester School of Architecture at De Montfort University.

I like being outside, love exploring new places and relationships, and I'm passionate about learning in all its forms.