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Juliet Can

Juliet’s involvement with Stour Space began as a volunteer consultant supporting the organisation with its fundraising, governance and growth. Her current role as Manager is to develop services, relationships and key strategic goals within Stour Space.

With a Degree in Finance and a Post Graduate Degree in Refugee and Development Studies, She began her career working in the International development sector managing programmes for various non-governmental organisations. Possessing over 10 years’ experience as a charity consultant she acquired skills ranging from Monitoring and Evaluation, Project Management, Strategic Development, Business Planning and Fundraising. With a Charities Evaluation Service training qualification, she is well versed in her awareness of organisation governance, structures and implementation of management systems.

Juliet’s work branched into social enterprise consulting where she has supported small businesses and start-ups in the areas of Fashion & Retail, Gastronomy and Technology. She has a keen interest in collaborative economy and the building of social capital within communities and businesses. Outside of Stour Space she also runs Unexpected Journeys, a programme that researches and develops services to support victims of human trafficking. Juliet is a fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts (RSA) where she aims to highlight the impact and importance of social businesses within local communities and the economy at large.

She is a resident of Fish Island Hackney Wick and grew up in Stratford.