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Harry Meadows

Harry Meadows (b. 1980, U.K.) finds the role of rustic imagery in socially engaged practice at the heart of his concerns. His work imagines symbols from a future Utopia where the ideals of feudal society and socialist principles collide. This work stems from an observation of the use of the arts in smoothing the path of modernity. Here ideological responsibility is abandoned in favour of a pure, insipid image. He is a Goldsmiths MFA graduate, based in London. He has recently shown at the Barbican Gallery, Sala SAM (Chile), Paradise Row, The Royal Festival Hall, Aberystwyth Arts Centre and the Mostyn Open 2011. Meadows organises a yearly Coracle Regatta, taking place on Lea River Navigation (canal). He is currently working with British waterways to expand this project further He has been selected to attend Brazier’s International Artist Workshop, August 2010.