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Guy Blanch

Guy has been self employed for a number of years, developing technology and equipment in the agricultural and waste sectors.

He has been recently involved with a number of unusual export projects including mobile fruit juice & vegetable oil processing units for various African customers (including Makakere University in Uganda and the Nigerian Agricultural Ministry. He was also involved with developing micro in-vessel composter units for kitchen waste in conjunction with Wiltshire Wildlife Trust. He has since been researching and developing AD biogas technologies and keen to encourage the growth of micro / small scale AD biogas – particularly in Africa.

Guy contributed to the technical sections on the recent Micro AD proposal for Community by Design in the WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) DIAD II feasibility study (Driving Innovation in Anaerobic Digestion), which has recently secured research funding for Phase II. In this project, he will be responsible for investigating, specifying, designing and costing the pre-feed, gas scrubbing and biomethane upgrading equipment, working with other equipment suppliers to produce an integrated system.

He also contributed to the technical sections for the Hub & Pod proposal by Cwm Harry in the WRAP DIAD I feasibility study.