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Daren Howarth

Daren Howarth is an Ecologist and owner builder with a long standing interest in human shelter and how through our homes we can better align with our living earth. He built his first structures as a child in the woods of the Pennines, has lived in many indigenous shelters in Africa and Asia and decided to pursue a search for the best ecological building forms in the mid 90's - culminating in the launch of earthship projects in firstly Brighton, then further afield, in Brittany.

With Adrianne Nortje, Daren has authored Groundhouse: Build and Cook, covering some of the basics of self building and earthship construction. It explores the community side of self building, and includes many original cooking recipes that came into being during the building of the Brittany Groundhouse.

He runs CLevel with some great associates who share his passion for change and authenticity. They Carbon Balance businesses, with an emphasis on investment in reforestation and the livelihood of forest communities, enabling business to be more than just 'neutral' on carbon.