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Cre8 Centre

Cre8 Lifestyle Centre is new community resources in Hackney Wick comprising of more than 3000 square feet of expansive event space across two rooms, with several other generous studios and galleries, providing an alternative venue for hire.

Cre8 is in the midst of planning the Cre8 Arc, an ambitious self build project based on sustainable eco-construction principles. The Cre8 Arc is a lodge which will be build from recycled and sustainable materials and state-of-the-art bio-architecture. It will provide a sustainable Eco-garden and Eco-lodge at the Cre8 Centre in Hackney Wick, built entirely with recycled and sustainable resources, re-using materials from the London 2012 Games and other local organisations. Working with a network of multi-skilled local people and providing opportunities to learn about eco-construction, gardening and how waste-free our future could be. Initially based on the Earthship model developed by Michael Reynolds it has embraced the extensive material surplus left by the Olympic games and has now tailored the project specifically to the re-use of locally available materials. facebook Cre8