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Calum F. Kerr

Calum F. Kerr is an interdisciplinary artist; his work embraces sculpture, performance, sound and music. Histories of place and characterisation are important, as is humour and direct engagement with the public. A peripatetic strain means performances are often in the public realm alternative to galleries and theatres. His work benefits from multiple, annual interrogations of locations including boating lakes, cemeteries and parks.


He also performed as part of Fiona Templeton’s Bodies of Memory at ‘Acts of Legacy’ (2012) and in Shezad Dawood’s film ‘FEATURE’ (2009) at Tate Britain, ‘The Cage’ as part of the aas residency at New Art Gallery Walsall (2011) and ‘Calling Out of Context’ at the ICA (2010). He has exhibited and performed in Bulgaria, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Russia, Spain and USA. He is also Frank E. the Lonely Woodsman from Lonesome Cowboys from Hell -www.lonesomecowboysfromhell.com and Tiger Gnome from Flange Zoo - tinyurl.com/flangezoobeyond (facebook)