Wick Curiosity Shop


Dolly Barnes

Dolly has been the chair of the club for many years and has been an active member of her community all her life, working on various committees for the Wick. Gathering stories from Dolly has been a treat, from talking about places she has lived in Hackney to memories she has from her childhood. It’s been great hearing about ‘The Broadway’ as she remembers it in London Fields, we are planning a teat to the pie and mash shop soon! Dolly told me the stories she had heard over the years of Dr Jelly, often described as a people’s person who helped less well off people to get medical treatment, he was a qualified doctor before the war, but the government did not like him. His old surgery was opposite Clapton Pond, in Lower Clapton. Dolly remembers the candles in the bay windows and how scary it seemed. He was an eccentric doctor, there is a story of him taking a whole load of ladies down to South End, they had an argument so he left them al done there. There is a rumour that he rode a white horse, Dolly’s late husband painted pictures of Dr Jelly and many other paintings of the East End many years ago. Trowbridge Estate is a very special place, and has been there for over 40 years. It has a real sense of ownership, respect and history, which helps shape and strengthen its community. Dolly told me of a tree outside her house and how it is still there. With the vast speed at which London changes shape and form I found it unusual to see something that has been in the same place and not disrupted for so many years.