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Assemble is a collective of artists, designers and architects that initially came together to conceive, design, build and run The Cineroleum (July 2010), a pilot project that suggested potential possibilities for the re-use of the 4,000 empty petrol stations in the UK.

With a specific focus on overlooked and underused city spaces, Assemble are committed to uncovering the extraordinary opportunities that exist on the fringes of everyday life and the built environment. We approach projects through a process of research, discovery, invention and collaboration, interested not only in the physical logistics of building sucessful spaces, but in developing uses that respond to understanding their complex social and cultural contexts.

With backgrounds in architecture, carpentry, public realm and set design; a wide range of skills contribute to an integrated approach to design. Their involvement ranges between designing briefs, navigating contractual procedures, organising events and hands-on construction.

Assemble reject the usual disconnection between the client, the architect, the builder and the public and instead champion a working practice that is interdependent and collaborative. Projects actively involve the public both as participant and accomplice in the ongoing realization of the work.