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Velda is a legend! She is one of the heart and soul’s from Hackney Wick and kindly agreed to bring her very own produce to the ‘Wick Curiosity Shop’…HER VOICE!

From spending time with Velda it is clear she likes a party and a sing a long, she told me about her most loved songs which had some connection to the Wick, from music she was listening to as a young woman to bands she went to see at the Hackney Empire!

Here is a list of songs that Velda has sung to us and the Wick Curiosity Shop...

Frank Sinatra-New York in June is one of Velda’s favs!
Glenn Miller-Velda and friends remember that during the war he was in Cambridge playing to the soldiers
Joe Loss-A band Velda and friends all loved
Billy Cotton-Velda's fav from London
The Michael John Singers -The White Cliffs of Dover was the charming abd beautiful song that Velda sang on the day of the Wick Festival at the Wick Curiosity Shop