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Values of Temporary Use






Temporary uses of vacant spaces are an emerging part of London's social and cultural landscape, existing at the intersection of competing imaginaries and material dynamics. Over the past decade forms of temporary occupation of vacant land and buildings have been gaining recognition by planning authorities, policy-makers and developers, and have entered mainstream urban culture with a fanfare of excitement and social and cultural promise. Imaginaries of experimentation and collective appropriation of wasted resources mobilise modes of valuing space and coming together that, however, may sit uncomfortably with the diktat of continuous urban development, to which interim uses are often cast as ancillaries. Within the framing of the London Festival of Architecture 2014, and its "Capital" theme, in this Wick Session practitioners and urban researchers were invited to explore the overlapping systems of values mobilized around temporary use and their relationship to wider dynamics of urban transformation.

To read the full article on the 'Values of Temporary Use' Wick Session by Dr Mara Ferreri you can download the pdf following this link.