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"The London based Foxtrot Collective takes its name from the international maritime signal flag, the definition: “I am disabled; communicate with me.” This reflects a desire to interact with the mind of others who benefit from creating common experience.

The collective consists of four local creatives coming from distinct disciplines ofurbanism/design/photography/drawing, who value the types of cross-examined knowledge arising from interdisciplinarity.

Our collective built itself spontaneously as we felt the need to individually explore our own field and collectively express something about our environement. "

"The publication was conceived as a part of the library, providing new insight into the evolution of East London and intervening in the ongoing discussion. In producing this work we have joined a wave of local responses to the accelerated changes generated by the Olympics. We tried to pay tribute to these local initiatives, many of which are only made possible by individuals investing a lot of their time and money. It is our belief that such initiatives also play a role in shaping the city."

Edited by Foxtrot Publication

Printed in East London by Quarto Colour

in an edition of 100 copies

You can find more about Foxtrot here.