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Michelle introducing the project and screening of the 'Up The Manor' Film at the shop

Some of the Year Ten Students on the Eton Manor Boys Walk in May 2008

On the day of the Hackney Wick Festival Michelle Johansen introduced the fantastic ‘Up The Manor’ project and the screening of the film made by Pete Watson at the shop. We are delighted to have met all these guys involved with ‘Up The Manor’ and grateful for all their contributions and support of the Wick Curiosity Chop. See below for some more background about their project.

The Villiers Park Educational Trust is creating a permanent oral history of the Eton Manor Boys Club. Around 40 oral history interviews will be recorded, transcribed in full and deposited in the Eton Manor archive at the Bishopsgate Institute in London. As well as the interviews a film has been made by Pete Watson, which follows the project, there will also be a booklet talking about the history of Eton Manor.

Through Wiggy’s Walk I was introduced to Michelle Johansen who is the project manager on ‘Up The Manor’, Pete Watson (who was recording the film for the walk) and also the Year Ten students from from the George Mitchell School who are conducting interviews and assisting with the film.

The shop was interested in the project because they focus on the ‘old’ and ‘new’ communities and social activity in East London.