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Trowbridge Mix CD






There are many products that have arisen from Trowbridge, including; an archive, photographic portraits, songs and stories. The mix CD is something that the Trowbridge Club and the WCS have jointly come up with.

It is a CD that represents songs that have some kind of tie with the Wick, whether it’s a personal story/memory, or a band/singer that performed in Hackney, songs that they where listening to whilst living in the Wick and songs that they would sing themselves, like traditional cockney songs many of which feature on the CD sung by the Eton Manor Boys Club

The CD featured in the Wick Curiosity Shop's museum and was given as the prize for the music quiz held at the shop, here are the songs that feature on the CD

British Medley The Soldiers' Chorus

My Old Man's a Dustman Lonnie Donega

In the Mood Glenn Miller

Glenn Miller Medley The Central Band Of The Royal British Legion

Mother Hackney Morning Bride

I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts Billy Cotton and His Band

Hackney wick old boys singing Eton Manor Boys

Dear old hackney Eton Manor Boys

Caterina Perry Como

Memories Are Made Of This Dean Martin

Hackney wick old boys singing Eton Manor Boys

Aren't You Glad You're You Bing Crosby

Hackney wick old boys singing Eton Manor Boys