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Mabley Green

Mabley Green can be used for much much more than football pitches.

People's Pitch was a one day event, inviting local people to project their ideas for Mabley Green.
Proposals were drawn into the grass using Hackney Councils football pitch painting machine, providing the community with an opportunity to contribute their suggestions to a giant and collective drawing.

The drawing showcased alternative uses for Mabley Green and feature anything at all, from the fantastical, to the practical. People's Pitch asks one and all to be give ideas and help to kick start to re-imaginging Mabley Green.

In February 2011, the blank canvas of Mabley Green was painted with white lines, creating six new footbal pitches. These lines were drawn without consultation with local people and effectively claimed the entire Green for a small niche population.

Those very same lines, will be used create an alternative image of many possible activities that can shape the green. The giant drawing should help to visualise possiblities and stir discussion of how Mabley Green can be used and how ownership (temporary or long term) can be projected onto the green in a playful way.
To create the drawings residents and park users have submitted their proposals - Peoples Pitch, suggesting a use for the space. Just like the pitches, the drawings will wash away over time, leaving no lasting trace.

The People's Pitch is a collaboration between public works and Christopher King, with support from muf and the Design for London.

See also Hackney Wick Public Art Programme.