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Artists Jessie Brennan, Chris Dorley-Brown and Daniel Lehan's works explore personal testimonies and histories of a place at the London's edge where the Romans settled, the invading Danes raided the Anglo Saxon kingdom, and which fostered inventions in chemicals, dyes and petrol, Bakelite, dry cleaning and many more.

The Hackney Cut is a 3km artificial channel of water that cuts across the marshes in Hackney Wick, east London. It was dug in 1770 as a river canal, avoiding the shoals and bends of the old River Lea and providing much improved navigation.

Today the Hackney Cut is entering a new phase of its history as the area undergoes great changes brought on by Olympic developments and regeneration.

The exhibition was the culmination of a year long project. Local people volunteered to become oral historians to work alongside the artists, recording personal perspectives which are at risk of becoming invisible (or cut) in the regeneration process.

Read more about The Cut on the [Space] website where you can download a pdf copy of the publication or listen to expcerpts of the oral hisroties.