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Small events have taken place leading up to the festival including ‘Time To Tea’, an afternoon of musical memories from the wick, a music quiz was held where winners received home-made cakes and wick curiosity mix cds as prizes, ‘Memories from the Wick’ event concentrates on personal stories from the Wick from as far back as the end of the Second World War

Ongoing interviews, conversations and visits are taking place to build up an archive of Hackney Wick’s past and present including; photographs, memorabilia, portraits and text which will be incorporated into the Wick Curiosity Shop on the day of the festival.

A ‘Senior Citz of Trowbridge’ Mix CD will be produced for trading on the day of the festival, this will be a mix of songs that the elders of Hackney Wick associate with the local area, from party songs they would dance to down the club, old cockney songs that have been sung for generations to stars they would go and see sing at the Hackney Empire Theatre on Mare Street.