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Trowbidge Estate

Doris Higgins shared her stories with me about saving the bungalows

In 1985 the residents of the Trowbridge Estate were threatened with the news that their homes were going to be demolished and replaced with high storey flats.
A committee was formed and the residents worked closely with ‘Planning Aid for Londoners’. The BBC and ITV reported on their story and they had a meeting with the Ministry of Housing from the Conservative Party who were in power at the time.
Doris Higgins amongst other neighbours fought to save their homes, after a hard working and dedicated two years they finally won their battle on the 22nd September 1987
The Bungalows are still standing today and have proved to be wonderfully built homes that are surrounded by lovely greens. It’s a really safe and loving Estate that offers a wonderful and close community, one that I have never seen like this in London.

A book was made together with Doris, which was filled with residents photographs taken between 1985-1987; it featured at the Wick Curiosity Shop at the Hackney Wick Festival