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Print(ed) Matters






The Hackney Wick and Fish Island area is a rich tapestry of both artist and industrial production. The film makes visible the often invisible industry within the area, focusing on the chain of print: printing to finishing to distribution, whilst exploring both the similarity between art practise and industry, and the process of production and making.

The artist has worked with Quadroprint DM Ltd, BRG finishing and Central Books Ltd to construct a narrative soundtrack of the relationship between industry, the local area and art in general to accompany the film. The film (11 minutes) has been shot in high definition and will be screened to both an invited and incidental audience passing by. Refreshments will be served and an accompanying inventory of skills (used and unused) of the workers of Hackney Wick and Fish Island, will be distributed.

London Thames Gateway Development Corporation have commissioned a program of artworks as part of the Hackney Wick and Fish Island urban improvements. These improvements address issues of severance and seek to increase the quality and permeability of the public realm, for the benefit of local residents and visitors.

Print(ed) Matters is one of six temporary commissions that explicitly addresses improved social connectivity and "joining up" of isolated and/or disparate communities. All of the temporary commissions supported the brief development for three permanent commissions and are an opportunity to address with interested parties expectations of what art practice can deliver within an urban design context.