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Hackney Wick

American Painter/Printmaker Leigh Niland has a longstanding interest in creating moody, representational depictions of the Hackney Wick/Hackney Marsh area where she lives and works. Her latest work ‘Postcards from Nowhere’ is a tourist stand of Hackney Wick memorabilia including postcards, t-shirts, sports pennants and custom made baseball jackets. Having moved to the area in 2003 from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Hackney Wick was a place that made direct reference to themes of human loneliness and manifestations of self-neglect. 2005 saw the area win the bid for the 2012 Olympic Games, and vast tracts of Hackney Wick/Hackney Marsh, where the artist had been working, were slated for demolition and development. The resultant work is a large body of drawings, paintings, photographs and prints including lithographs, mezzotints, etchings and screen prints. Niland has captured the experience of what once was; the pictures are a tribute to a vanished landscape and carry an emotive consideration of the psychological experience of human loneliness. Recent work includes sculptures such as 'glass man' made from broken glass collected from the many smashed car screens/windows in the area.

Images: Postcards from Nowhere, Hackney Wick Prints, Ode to Hackney Wick, Glass man, car glass spider photos by Hilary Powell.

Leigh Niland.