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Below you can find a list of open workshop and maker-spaces in London, the UK and world wide. Spaces which offer easy access to tools and knowledge networks for the professional and the amateur. The map and the related list show a selection of maker-spaces we researched if you notice any missing spaces or mistakes please email us and we will update accordingly.


Create Space London HA9 6DE
Opened in 2012- still running

Create Space London is an independent artist led, not-for-profit organisation. Artists, designers, crafts, makers and hackers are all welcome. They provide 24/7 access and security, facilities in wood, metal, plastics, framing & canvas stretching, screen printing, ceramics, photography, computing, electronics & CnC machining. You can subscribe on their website and follow them on Facebook

Blackhorse Workshop E17 6BX
Opened in 2014 - still running

Blackhorse Workshop is a new public space dedicated to making and mending, just half an hour from the centre of London. They offer open access to a fully equipped wood and metal workshop. Machinery support is on hand from highly skilled technicians, and there you can build or fix anything from broken chairs to theatrical sets, bikes and furniture – and where you can grow your startup with the support of industry expertise and a community of makers. They run courses and events, from basic DIY skills to the art of welding. You can apply for the Membership here or take a look at the different workshop spaces that they provide.

London Hackspace E2 9DY
Founded in 2009 – still running

The London Hackspace is a weel-known non-profit hackerspace in London: a community-run workshop where people come to share tools and knowledge. Have a look at the spaces and services provided here.

The Institute of Making UCL WC1E 7JE
still running

They describe themself as "a multidisciplinary research club for those interested in the made world: from makers of molecules to makers of buildings, synthetic skin to spacecraft, soup to diamonds, socks to cities. Annual membership of the institute is available to all UCL staff and students."

The MakeSpace is the workshop of the Institute of Making, offering an exciting range of tools and machinery for members to use. Membership is open to all students and staff of UCL. The space is available to non-members through our public programme, hosting masterclasses, workshops with guest experts, maker residencies and curated opportunities to make, break and repair everything from jewellery to robots. For more information about the annual membership click here.

London Sculpture Workshop SE1 5SF
Founded in 2012 - still running

is the first, London based, not-for-profit, community interest based company with exceptional facilities for artists and those interested in making work in 3D. London Sculpture Workshop offers a superbly equipped metal and wood workshop with additional mould making and ceramic areas and over 1,500 sq ft of flexible working areas. In addition to major equipment London Sculpture Workshop also provides a range of both electric and hand tools and access to Personal Protective Equipment for workshop users. You can find here a list of courses organised by the workshop.

The Camden Town Shed NW1 9XZ
Opened in 2011 - still running

The Camden Town Shed opened in May 2011 and is the first UK Shed started by its users. Its mainly equipped for woodwork although we are keen to expand to include other activities. We have for example a kiln for ceramics. Projects can be for individual or community benefit, large or small, practical or artistic and almost always reuse materials.

Rara E5 9ND
Still running

RARA is an open access workspace established in Clapton, London. They provide long and short term users with affordable space in which to do anything and everything.
Use of RARA includes:
-large spill out space
-groundfloor shutter access
-a workshop with dust/fume extraction
-use of tools and equipment

Makerversity WC2R 1LA
Opened in 2013 - still running

Makerversity is a work space for start-up making and manufacturing businesses, and applied learning opportunities. They provide access to a range of fabrication and prototyping tools, spaces, event and learning facilities.

Sugar House Studios E15 2QQ
Opened in 2012 - still running

Sugarhouse Studios is a studio and events space on Stratford High Street, built and managed by Assemble. The building combines space for private creative practice alongside wood and metal workshops, a kitchen and bar and a flexible events and project space.

South London Maker Space SE24 9AA
Opened in 2012 - still running

South London Makerspace is a brand new social community workshop, run by it's members who create space for working on personal projects. The access to the space is for members only, but everyone is welcome to visit. You can subscribe here. The workshop includes a wide range of hand and power tools, including:
Band saw
Scroll saw
Chop saw
Pillar drill
Sanders, drills, jigsaws, circular saws
Hand saws, planes, screwdrivers, hammers, pliers, snips, spikes, rulers
Power supplies

And the collection is growing all the time.

Pangea Sculptors' Centre
2013 - still running

Provides access to high-spec, industrial standard, fully equipped workshops, flexible fabrication environments and more traditional-style studios. Members will be able to work alongside other arts professionals who specialise in a wide range of contemporary sculptural processes, encouraging informal mentoring and the sharing of information and technical knowledge.

Remakery SE5 9HY
Still running_workshop to be opened in spring 2014

The Remakery is a new co-operative workshop space for making things from materials that were destined for landfill. They provide affordable workspace and access to materials. The Remakery is a 1,000m² space between north Brixton and Camberwell. Formerly a underground car park, it is in the process of being turned into workshops, meeting spaces and associated facilities. The ability to hire the space will also be made available from spring 2014.

Swan Wharf Workshop E3 2NQ
Opened in 2014 - still running

Swan Wharf workshop is a community workshop in the heart of Hackney Wick. We offer bench space for hire on a weekly and monthly basis. Situated in walking distance of key suppliers such as Build Base, Screwfix and Toolstation the workshop is ideally located in the heart of Europe's artistic community.
Key features include:
3-phase bench tools
24 hour key pad entry system
free parking
large stable doors for loading
cheapest rates

To find out more please go to http://www.swanwharf.org/

The Good Life Centre SE1 0QL
Opened in 2011- still running

The Goodlife Centre is an independent learning space situated in Waterloo, Central London. They offer practical boutique workshops in DIY, Home Maintenance, Decorating, Upholstery, Woodwork & Carpentry, Furniture Upcycling & Restoration and various traditional hand Crafts. The large ground floor studio is the ideal environment for fast paced workshops and they offer classes all year to absolute beginners. New classes added regularly.

Assemble & Join SE1 7AB
2012 - Temporary workshops - Future openings announced on the website

Assemble & Join run community micro-manufacturing workshops that re-imagines the role a high street can take within a community and in turn the role a community can play in the way an area develops over time. You can also follow them on Twitter.


Wick on Wheels

Wick on Wheels is a roaming production and recycling unit, which travels across Hackney Wick & Fish Island and the surrounding areas of East London. An open resource which engages with local communities to reuse, recycle, repair and re-make. It will explore and encourage direct, collective on site production using existing local materials, resources and skills. Production will focus on three areas in particular: Narrative products, direct interventions on vacant sites and harvest maps.
Wick on Wheels is part of R-urban, a bottom-up strategy that explores the possibilities of enhancing the capacity of urban resilience.

Lime Wharf E2 9DJ
Machine Room coming soon

LimeWharf is a cultural innovation hub & artistic laboratory on Vyner Street East London. The wharf provides already spaces for experiments, conversations, music and performances, an archive and they have a kitchen section including a Canteen and cathering buisnesses. In the future they are planning to open a machines room as well.


The Waiting Room_St Botholph's Colchester

The Waiting Room project launches in an empty unused bus station waiting room in a run down area of St Botolph's - a building that once served as the heart beat of Colchester Town Centre. They want to identify and address the gaps in the local cultural offering, utilising the space to test new ideas and alternative community-led facilities and services that can fill the void. The Waiting Room is offering artists/makers access to shared studio spaces and workshops.
For £1 a day resident membership provides access to a lockable think-work-store space (in former toilet cubicles) and all the tools, workshops and amenities available at The Waiting Room.
For 50p a day non-resident membership provides access to all the tools, workshops and amenities available at The Waiting Room.
To get started they are providing the following amenities:
- communal workspace with workbenches;
- basic tools;
- a letterpress;
- a silk-screen area;
- a dark-room;
- a large format inkjet printer

If you would like to sign-up for resident or non-resident membership, have tools or equipment you can share, or would like to visit the space, email the St Botolph's workshop at info@st-botolphs.org or visit them at one of their many open events.

Bristol Hackspace

Bristol Hackspace is a place to make things; a community of like-minded individuals centred around our space in Bedminster. They welcome people with an interest in all kinds of making and creating.The space is plenty of tools and equipment, from saws and drills to a laser cutter and 3D printer, and all sorts of components, salvaged stuff and donated bits and bobs.

Build Brighton

BuildBrighton Hackspace is a 1300sqft communal workshop and collective of like minded people who love to build stuff with electronics, crafts, engineering and technology. The main purpose of the hackspace is to provide a space and tools with which our members can gather, beaver away on their own projects and take part in exciting group projects, in an playful and friendly environment.

Hereford Make CC Hereforshire

Hereford Make C.I.C, a social enterprise, is a metal, wood and forging workshop open to all, whether you are a hobbyist wanting to develop your skills, a student working in wood or metal, a person wanting to make or repair something themselves, or a professional needing the space and equipment to work with in order to make your business more successful.

Hackspace Manchester

Hackspace Manchester is a community-run space for people to work on arts, science, craft and technology projects. They run weekly drop-in workshop sessions – providing electronics, mechanical and computing knowledge – and provide a fully fitted workshop for personal and group projects.

Make Space Cambridge

Makespace is a community run space, that houses manufacturing and prototyping kit and provides the surroundings to meet, work, build, socialise and do amazing things. It is accessible to Members who pay a monthly subscription fee for which they get 24/7 access to the space to work on their projects, and can also organise events. On occasions, Makespace is also open to the public for event.

Maker Space Newcastle upon Tyne

Makerspace is a community owned and run workshop in Newcastle Upon Tyne. They’re an eclectic group of makers, creatives, programmers, scientists and engineers that have set up a space to meet, work, socialize, share ideas and collaborate.

MakLab Glasgow

The studio is based in The Lighthouse, Mitchell Lane, Glasgow and hosts a wide range of digital fabrication tools, offering people low cost access to equipment and knowledge to advance what they make.

Hitchin Hackspace

They are a rapidly growing group of people who like to make, craft and invent. Their mission is to open peoples eyes to the benefits of a community workshop, where you can share knowledge and resources and gain access to tools that would be out of most peoples grasp as an individual. They don't yet have their own space but with a current rapid growth, it is only a matter of time before they will have a place to call home.
You can email them at info@hackhitchin.org.uk, or follow us on twitter and facebook.



RecycLab it is a recycling and green building unit on Boulevard d'Achères. The unit is constructed around a series of equipment used for the recycling of urban waste and their subsequent transformation into materials for eco-construction. Its construction began in 2012 and it consists of a series of elements:
- space for collecting and depositing
- recycle and reuse workshops
- fabrication workshops and assembly of elements for green building (vertical gardens, insulating panels, etc..).
- educational workshop sessions in DIY and for repair and reuse.
- platform to host local events (recycling fairs, festivals, flea markets materials, presentations, etc..)
- LabFab – offering advanced technology accessible to everyone

Recyclab is part of R-Urban, a bottom-up strategy that explores the possibilities of enhancing the capacity of urban resilience by introducing a network of resident-run facilities to create complementarities between key fields of activity (economy, housing, urban agriculture, culture).

Realize Belgium

Realize is based on a group of young creatives, designers, artist, artisans and makers that are trying to rediscover the importance of making objects.

Mesh Makers Norway

MESH Makers is a space and a community where you can make your creative ideas come to life. We are part of MESH, an innovation hub in downtown Oslo and our plan is to create a unique place and a unique atmosphere, by connecting MESH Café with the maker space.

KarlsCrona Makerspace Sweden

The Karlskrona Makerspace is a research and education environment initiated and hosted by BTH Mechanical Engineering (prof Tobias C. Larsson and Babak Kianian). The Karlskrona Makerspace is creating a platform to embrace and foster creativity among different disciplines and backgrounds. It epitomizes an open learning environment where people can co-learn and co-create innovative and emergent solutions to some of today’s problems by the use of maker culture.

The Makers of Denmark Denmark

The makers of Denmark created a map which shows the new wave of Makers that has emerged within the last few years around the country. Fablabs, Makerspaces or Open Workshops - what they have in common is that they provide digital manufacturing tools, materials and knowledge to people, who choose to create things.


The biggest maker space in Milan, brand new and willing to expand in the next years. They are always looking for new collaborations.

Terra del Fuoco Italy

Specialised in fixing and making furnitures, music instruments, recovery and decoration.
Bonus point: they started a neighborhood program to make and remake.

Werksalon Co-making Space Austria

RDM Makerspace Netherlands

Made Makerspace Spain


Artisan's Asylum USA

A non-profit organization furnishing education, tools, workspace, and community to empower dedicated fabricators, including hobbyists, artists, and early stage entrepreneurs, to create on large or small scale. They serve the Somerville and global creative makerspace community, the arts, and the innovation economy with the goal of making the world a place where sincere, creative individuals are able give form to their ideas.

Maker Works USA

Maker Works is a 14,000 sq. ft. member-based workshop for small businesses, entrepreneurs, tradespeople, skilled workers, artists, makers, and hobbyists. They provide three types of value: - Access to thousands of dollars worth of tools Space for projects big and small; - A vibrant community of like-minded people; - Tools and education in 4 areas: metal, circuits, wood and craft.

IsGood Woodworks Collective Seattle USA

The group is for anyone who loves to work wood, trade woodworking knowledge and cool designs, or just hang out with like minded people. Once a month they open the shop to members to gather, work on small projects or machining that you cannot do at home, mentor one another, trade resources, and finish with a social hour. IsGood Woodworks collective rents space to up to Ten 24/7 members, and offers subscriptions and short term rentals. They are also in the last stages of beginning a woodworking class schedule.

Makerhaus USA

Makerhaus offers a number of design, prototyping and finished fabrication services that support PROPERTY DEVELOPERS, ARCHITECTS, and GENERAL CONTRACTORS. They design, prototype, and build installations such as furniture, kiosks, retail fixtures, wayfinding, hardware, exterior details for buildings and landscape.

Columbus Idea Foundry USA

The Columbus Idea Foundry is Ohio's premier Makerspace, a community workshop, learning center, and creative space. They provide training on and access to tools and technology from the conventional to the high-tech. CIF members can use the tools for their business, artistry, and hobbies. Their community is diverse, open, and friendly as they are entrepreneurs, fabricators, inventors, prototypers, designers, craftsmen, artisans & artists.

Xin Che Jian China

Xīnchējiān founding members selection is based on the strength of ideas proposed as they relate to physical computing. Affordable membership monthly fees with access to tools and components is offered to those that can show the passion to build with us a great community. Workshops, meetups and various outreach efforts will be organized to further our educational goals, recruit more members and ensure the long term prosperity of the space.

Oahu Makerspace Hawaii

Oahu goal is to bring hands-on experience building tangible projects to as many people as we can. They teach classes where people can learn the basic skills that they need for woodworking, metal working, welding, and electronics. They have the convenience of looking to history to provide them with both inspiration and cautionary examples. More recent advances in the DIY movement have brought tinkerers and inventors from sheds and basements, into classrooms, living rooms, and makerspaces.



Just Got Made

Just Got Made is a group of young artists, designers and makers trying to create a directory that is relevant & trustworthy for the thousands of Maker professionals & enthusiasts. On their website and in the Directory itself it is possible to find a "broad span of talent & materials, some very niche skills and plenty of hidden gems". You can join their project here.

RE-USE Network

Re-Use network is made up of charities, social enterprises and non-profit organisations that work together to promote re-use across London. They collect unwanted furniture, appliances and household items which are passed onto community groups, schools and homes. Re-Use partners are spread all around London, to find the projects in you local area click here.

DIY Space for London

The DIY team believes that with many great temporary social centres having come and gone over the years, there is a distinct need for a self-sustaining, accessible space in London for DIY culture and radical activity. The DIY Space platform is developing from a few people into a wide open network with input from within and beyond London, with an organising group at its core that meets regularly that anyone is welcome to get involved with.

ELMO: a mobile approach

A year long mobile artist in residence programme, housed in a magically converted Bedford Bus, delivering a free arts and crafts programme of workshops where people will have the chance to really make things.