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Hackney Wick

Sonny, a documentary film-maker meets Erica in Hackney Wick; he instantly falls for her charms and manages to persuade her to go on a night escapade through the City. But Sonny's evil flatmate Klaus has no intention of letting love run its natural course!

Director: Dan Edelstyn, Sonny:Dan Edelstyn, Erica: Hilary Powell, Klaus: Paolo Longheu. An early Optimistic Production. Winner of Best Low Budget Film. Halloween Film Festival.

Filmed for a 48 hour film challenge around the coincidence of the 30th November 2003 Rathbone Point and Rachel Point tower block demolition as part of the regeneration of Nightingale Estate adjacent to Victoria Park. The dramatic controlled explosions reduced the tower blocks to rubble in just 10 seconds and bought the total of tower block demolitions in Hackney to 22. More footage can be seen on Hackney council's