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Live-Work Collectives




first published in July 2012


Richard Brown lovingly assambled this survey of Live- Work studios in Hackney Wick & Fish Island'

The Live Work Collectives' is a study looking at how artists and creative practitioners have taken hold in Hackney Wick & Fish Island, looking at the phenomenon of the 'Live-Work' via interviews with local residents, mapping their live-work spaces quantitatively by collecting the financial data, as well as looking at the qualities and nuances of these warehouse units. This research was partially published as a supplement to the local newspaper 'the wick Issue#2'

The aim is to tell a collective story about living and working in this area, in order to uncover and understand how this creative live-work phenomenon affects the city, and ultimately to feed into the current planning strategies being developed for this unique 'cul-de-sac' of East London.

Download the pdf (9MB) here.