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The Lesney Matchbox Factory is perhaps the most famous of Hackney Wick's former industry.Until Recently the factory still stood on the Lee Conservancy Road between Mabley Green where John Frankland's boulder now stands and the Hackney Marshes.

Some great films of Lesney Matchbox factory at work can be seen at the matchbox memories website along with lots of history and pictures from the promotional / info leaflets given out to visitors to the hackney wick factory.

We also recently met Graham who is a member of the Senior Building Exploratory explorers and who used to work in the Lesney Matchbox factory as a foreman in charge of patents. He obviously has a lot of stories and he and his wife have a big collection of archive material that they helped the Hackney Museum out with when they were making their exhibition and archive project about the Lesney factory from Tuesday 16th March - Saturday 19th June 2004. There was also a DVD produced with interviews with Graham and other former workers which we're hoping we will be able to link to/show here along with other material very soon.