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The Wick Curiosity Shop has been spending time with local residents and watching the wonderful plants and seedlings GROW GROW GROW! The hard work from Leabank Square residents really shows, and it's a breath of fresh air compared to the contrast of the building site on the otherside of the Canal. We are delighted to have the nursery as part of our shop!

Below in their own words, is a description of the nursery and a bit of background:

"The Riverbank Nursery was created largely because we needed somewhere to grow and keep our seedlings. But more importantly, as the ODA took away Arena Fields and chopped down our orchard, it became increasingly crucial to create a garden space here to counteract the green being lost on the other side of the canal.

Being short on funds has meant that a lot of the gardening we do here in LBS boils down to freecycling, recycling, growing plants from seeds and generous donations from residents and locals. The riverbank had been locked up and as such our star asset left to decay and fall into disuse. Fed up with the situation, we managed to unlock the gates and slowly transform our riverbank into a space our community could truly enjoy.

We would welcome any generous donations of gardening equipment, seeds, seedlings, cuttings, plants, trees and large containers. Please email Leabank Square Gardening Club at leabanksquare@london.com

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