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Leabank Square has become a great friend of the Wick Curiosity Shop! The shop has set up onsite on the square meeting local residents and giving them the chance to explore and contribute to the shop.
There is great blog which gives you so much information, acting as a local news letter and forum about the Square. We asked Leabank Square residents and bloggers Sona and Nadira Abantu-Choudhury to tell us a bit more about the blog

"The idea for the blog came about when we took over the maintenance of the communal spaces from our hugely neglectful management company. It was whilst gardening and maintaining the Square, that lots of residents started approaching us, just wanting to chat about various issues concerning our Square. Due to the high percentage of shift workers with erratic work hours, we quickly found out that organising meetings was impractical and thought we'd give blogging a go.

We would highly recommend any community setting up their own blog. It's an ideal forum for everyone to comment, discuss, initiate, propose, exchange, share and most of all enjoy interacting with their neighbours. The main advantage of chatting on a blog is that this can be done at everyone's leisure.Often in formal meetings, not everyone has the confidence to put their opinions across, but in the comfort of their own home, sipping a cuppa, this can be a piece of cake! This aspect of blogging ensures that everyone has a chance to air their thoughts and feel that they have been listened to.

Not only has the blog been a really useful tool in engaging our local community. It has also inspired many positive comments from passers-by, such as cyclists, canal boaters, tour groups and we've even had great things said about us from as far a field as Virginia, U.S.A and New Zealand!"