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Hackney Wick Stadium






Hackney Stadium on what was Waterden Road in Hackney Wick and is now within the Olympic Park was opened in 1932 and used for greyhound racing and the speedway. In 1994, a £12M stand and restaurant was built and the stadium was renamed the London Stadium, Hackney. In December 1997 the company that owned the stadium, London Stadium Hackney Ltd., went out of business. The Stadium was left derelict for several years until it was bought by the London Development Agency and demolished in 2003. The site is now to be used as part of London's Olympic Stadium site in 2012.

In this period of dereliction he old dog racing track played host to a massive Sunday market which has been documented by artists and photographers such as Stephen Gill and Mimi Mollica.

Photographs here by Hilary Powell.