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Spawning from the industrial wastelands of Hackney Wick in the summer of 2005, brothers Ralph and Larry ignited the furnace of a roots hip hop foundry ‘Hackney Boots’. A reincarnation of rhythm transpired from labouring generations of post colonial Industry, combining Afrocentric Punk with retro sampled beats into angst ridden, nail biting, soot in the mouth song writing, the music truly voices the soul of their immediate surroundings. An expression of harmonious frequencies soaring upon the sorrowful wind through a scenery of Rubble, dust and carbon residue, where the raspy soundscape of print works and waste refineries saturate the senses. Between the two founding boots, Ralph; progressive drummer come songwriter/front man, and Larry; contagious rash scratching DJ/Producer, the music conveys a diversity of sound with the intent of sculpting a dance genre of the new millenium!

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