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Olympic Stadium

Explodium-X is a film by Myles Painter which situates the Olympic Stadium in its local area and aims to examine perceived effects of the Olympic developments using audio from 10 films which feature stadiums. Through panning shots of a still Olympic Landscape, empty of humans, Painter traces the effect of the human hand by tracking development around the area. This film was shown as part of the Curiosity Shop in March 2011.

In Myles' own words:

Explodium-X.com is a film that examines the immediate surroundings and environment of the London Olympic site in its current state of flux. The locations in the film are places that have been affected or will be transformed by the architectural or social development of the London 2012 Olympics. Locations include Pudding Mill DLR station, an estate near the Statford site and H. Forman & Son Fish Island.

The film explores the specific image of the Olympic stadium through ten scenes of individual movies that utilise stadiums in their own rights. The stadiums in these movies are used as places of conflict, athleticism and sanctuary, social concepts that are prevalent in the many uses of a stadium through its development from ancient times. The film moves from morning to night through a multitude of contrasting landscapes that are empty of people, but full of change from an evidently human touch.

My practice deals with the history of site-specific and architecturally significant spaces. The architecture with which I am concerned is the kind of architecture that offers up stories of its history and present incarnation through its inhabitation and social relevance. By manipulating and exploiting precise realities of and social issues surrounding architecture and art I aim to use my own conceptual narrative to control a discourse of these suggested other-spaces and ideas.

Explodium-X.com from Myles Painter on Vimeo.