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Steve Dowding presented the Tree Nursery and Edible Forest Garden, donated some delicious produce and literature to the stall and extended the invitation to walk with them to the marsh and garden.
The Tree Nursery & Edible Forest Garden is a community operation, run by volunteers on Hackney Marsh. Trees are grown from seed and cuttings in the Tree Nursery, until they are large enough to be planted out in Hackney's parks and open spaces. Food is grown in the Edible Forest Garden as a model for local food production, using permaculture principles.

Steve provided the photographs of the walk, made the map of the route incorporating the Wick Festival poster and offered up some great links not to mention some delicious rhubarb!
photos: Mike Trier, Sarah Peacock, Annie Chipchase

More information on the FUTURE FOOD - GROWING FOOD IN HACKNEY which includes info on Growing Communities, Hackney City Farm and Tree Nursery Edible Forest Garden can be found as downloadable pdf at their website. Side"> 1. Side"> 2. As can info on the trees of mabley green and Wick Woodlands.