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Many of the elder residents who were originally from the East End of London have heard about Dr Jelly.
He was known as the peoples doctor, he would help the poorer people of London by offering them cheaper rates for medical treatment. He was a much-loved character who was known as being eccentric and good fun. Apparently the Government did not like Dr Jelly because of his cheaper ways of helping people.

Joan from the senior citizens club told me stories of how Dr Jelly would take a group of women down to the seaside for the day in his car. It has been told that he got a bit annoyed with them all one time and left them by the sea whilst he drove back to Hackney!
Doris has early memories of his surgery down on Lower Clapton Road
“…I would walk past it with my Mum and notice the candles lit behind the window, there was something about the place that scared me at the time!”

The members of the Trowbridge Senior Citizens Club told me a very short rhyme that was made about Dr Jelly…
Old doctor jelly had a wooden belly

every time you knock him down you have to pay a penny.