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A Walk on the Wild and Fruity Side of the Wick

Last weekend's walk took in some of the rapidly changing views from the nearby Greenway over the Olympic Park - the cranes are multiplying! There was a small group of us and plenty of opportunity to chat about the area as we tucked into blackberry cakes and cordial provided by PUDDING MILL RIVER and searched for apples. The blackberries were harder to come by but what was gathered was kindly donated to PUDDING MILL RIVER - to produce more cakes and cordial for the next event! (see 'time for tea' posting). We found a plum orchard with one plum left, rosehips not quite ready for picking and lots of hawthorn berries for some experiments in 'hedgerow jam' making. Steve from the edible forest garden (one of the Wick Curiosity Shop contributors) got stuck into to seeking out new harvests and came back with our first sample of Wick Rocket growing near the canal.


Weds 27th August. 2pm Picnic, music bingo quiz and singing for the elder generation of Hackney Wick Please join the ‘Time To Tea’ event on the green, an afternoon of musical memories and singing along to the records we love. Please bring any of your favourite cds along with you and play them to your friends over tea and cakes. The music bingo quiz will take place in the afternoon, so get your thinking caps on and answers ready, have the chance to win some musical prizes! All donations go towards to Trowbridge Senior Citizen Club for the general running and outings at club Meeting point-On the green next to Trowbridge Senior Citizen Club, Opposite St Mary Eton church on the Eastway rd, E9.

A Walk on the Wild and Fruity Side of the Wick

Sunday 17th August 11.30am-1.30pm Join us for our next social event building local links and exploring the area in the run up to the September Festival. Join PUDDING MILL RIVER: Purveyors of Sporting Spirits and Foodstuffs for an urgent fruit harvesting mission around the Olympic blue fence and Greenway. Come and pick the fruits of summer whilst meeting people,chatting about the area and getting a good view of the olympic construction site. Meeting point: The blue fence blocking the former Carpenters Road just past White Post Lane.

Wick Curiosity Shop ~ the first outing

The Mobile Porch had its first outing onto the green on the Eastway as the Wick Curiosity Shop was launched with an evening of socialising with some fine Pudding Mill River local, wild produce and impromtu performances and presentations. Charlie from Manor Garden Allotments (http://www.lifeisland.org) brought along some samples of their produce as did Steve Dowding of the Hackney Tree Nursery and Edible Forest Garden (http://clubplan.org/CMS/page.asp?org=2673&id=564)