Wick Curiosity Shop


CALLOUT: Mini Residency at the Wick Common Shop

The Wick Curiosity Shop is seeking artists, makers and thinkers to use 'The Wick Common Shop' for a mini residency anytime in May or June.

The Wick Common Shop is not a shop. It is an archive, a billboard, a venue for discussion, a studio and sometimes a shop.
The Shop documents the areas unofficial and "minor" history through an eclectic collection of memories, local produce, memorabilia, oral history, songs and stories. It doesn't provide an overarching narrative, but a tapestry of mostly disregarded facts and experiences one can navigate in various ways creating as many narratives. For a six month period from February to July 2015 it is in residence in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park where it hosts events, workshops and exhibitions around the idea of the 'Common Object', artefacts which are not conceived for individual gain but which express ideas of a common good while at the same time unearthing and revealing hidden relationships or narratives about the locality.

We are looking to support three proposals each with a modest budget of £250 (£200 fees and £50 materials). Proposals should span over a two day period including a Sunday but can last longer if the needed. Residencies can happen any time in May or June and should have a 'public moment' to allow visitors to the Park to engage with the work.

The Wick Common Shop is open Saturdays from 11am-5pm, A free 'Shed Tour' takes place every Saturday at 1pm. Additional events are advertised on our Website, via social media or at the Common Shop. Facebook: Wick Curiosity / Twitter: @wickcuriosity / Web: www.wickcuriosityshop.net

DEADLINE: 8t of May 2015
Budget available for the residency: £200 with a £50 material contribution

- A brief outline of the proposed work (500 words max and a few images)
- Who is involved including a short Bio (1paragraph)
- Your ideal date, time and duration
- Email your proposals to: andreas@wickcuriosityshop.net

The Wick Common Shop is a project by public works and has been commissioned as part of the Park's Local Programme, run by the London Legacy Development Corporation. Find out more at: www.QueenElizabethOlympicPark.co.uk

The Wick Common Shop

The Wick Common Shop is not a shop in the traditional sense. It is an archive, a billboard, a venue for discussion, a studio and sometimes a shop.

For a six month period its residency takes place in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park where it will host events, workshops and exhibitions around the idea of the ‘Common Object’, artefacts which are not conceived for individual gain but which express ideas of a common good while at the same time unearthing and revealing hidden relationships or narratives about the locality.

There will be a number of billboards attached to the shed to which we will attach large scale posters which will change on a regular basis to keep the shed animated when not in use. Posters will be printed in black and white using the identity of the Wick Curiosity Shop (see website). Large posters will be produced using tiled A3 paper. On Saturdays The Common Shop is invigilated by an artist Sara Kärpänen, who is interested in exploring models of perceiving, making and exhibiting art in non-art spaces. The shop is open for public every Saturday 11-5pm.

Common Shop is a mobile structure that's residency takes place in Olympic Park.

The shed is currently in the Fountain Area, South Park.

Shed locations:

1. Fountain Area, South Park

2.Tumbling Bay, North Park

3. Mobile Garden / Chobham Manor


"With an evening of provocations and discussion, Theatrum Mundi launches Designing the Urban Commons, an ideas competition calling for new ways to stimulate the city's public and collective life. Three groups engaged in live projects in London and Paris will present their work, describing how commoning emerges through the spaces they have created or occupied and also examining the issues and opportunities presented by commons as an approach to urban design.
The competition brief, which also goes live on 25th March, will ask for existing land, architecture, or infrastructures in neighbourhoods across London to be re-imagined as common spaces, or for new urban commons to be carved out in the city or online. Commons are not static pieces of architecture. We are seeking designs through which the social act of commoning could take shape, by enabling citizens to co-produce urban resources from culture & knowledge to housing, energy or democratic processes."


Assembly SE8 was formed out of a collective need to transform a space in limbo. The site of an old school where the group live as property guardians also became the centre for an active engagement with the idea of the 'commons'. Utilising the schools vast playground, wildlife garden and the school itself, the group opened up this once private space for the local community to explore and engage with. A whole variety of projects and people have passed through this space, each informing the context and practise of using a space with few rules and no predetermined use.

Atelier d'architecture autogérée (studio for self-managed architecture) is a collective platform which conducts explorations, actions and research concerning urban mutations and emerging cultural, social and political practices in the contemporary city. aaa acts through 'urban tactics', encouraging the participation of inhabitants at the self-management of disused urban spaces, overpassing contradictions and stereotypes by proposing nomad and reversible projects, initiating interstitial practices which explore the potential of contemporary city (in terms of population, mobility, temporality). Their current project R-URBAN in the Parisian suburb of Colombes proposes the creation of a local network of short circuits of ecological, economic, social and cultural nature. It consists of AgroCite, a civic agricultural centre, RecycLab, a platform for recycling and eco-construction, and EcoHab, a cooperative residential unit of 7 habitations currently under construction.

Public Works is a non for profit organisation working between the fields of art, architecture and design. All public works projects explore how the urban public realm can be shaped by its users and how participation and collaboration can inform a more open design process Projects span across different scales and address the relation between the informal and formal aspects of a site. They produce social, architectural and discursive spaces: outputs include socio-spatial and physical structures, public events and publications. The group is based in London and operates as a not-for-profit company. Current members are Torange Khonsari, Andreas Lang who work with an extended network of project related collaborators.

18.30 – 20.00, Wednesday 25th March, 2015

Hong Kong Lecture Theatre, LSE Clement House, 99 Aldwych, WC2B 4JF

Free and open to all, seats allocated on a first come first served basis

Read more on Theatrum Mundi website.


Last Saturday the 21st of March, R-Urban Wick joined R-Urban Colombes in Paris for the R-URBAN DAY, a one day long celebration of all the R-Urban projects currently active, including Agrocité and the RECYCLAB which opened on the day!

Here below the program of the day with the many intersting activities we joined in.


11:00/16:00 - we repaired everyday objects in the Repair Café
13:00 - DIY SNACK
14:00/17:00 - we manufactured all sorts of furnitures from old damaged objects to broken and recovered material!
15:30 - Ecodesign Fab Lab (Montreuil) Extramuros (Gennevilliers), Simone (Colombes) MicroStop, urban hitchhiking reinvented mobile (Colombes), present their innovative projects in Mini-Conferences!
16:00 - Aperitif Bricolatoire and out of the R-Urban Shuttle


17:00 - No Local Store Opening and Exhibition Consumerist creations of the Prod-Action Workshop
18:00 - Disco Soup music by two groups of Associtation Zuluberlus Colombes: MINI VEX & Doolayz & The O!
19:00 - Open Microphone! We turned to projects which shared the themes of ecology and social solidarity economy! With the participation of the shared garden 56stblaise (Paris), the School of Compost
(Colombes) and Andreas Lang R-Urban Tool Lending Library project (London)
At dusk, the collective Royal Zoo illuminated the garden!
20:00 - Screening of a documentary film about the social economy Patrick Laroche: "Working (+ or -) otherwise".

Wick Zine #5 launches at Art Moves

We launched our fith Wick Zine at the Art Moves exhibition on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Wick Zine #5 presents a series of responses to questions raised in R-Urban's Wick Session no.19 ‘Values of Temporary Use’ (co-organised with Mara Ferreri) and no.20 ‘Co-producing The Makeshift’ (with isaac Marrero-Guillamon, and including a walk led by Richard Brown).

You can download a pdf copy here

Isaac Marrero-Guillamón

Mara Ferreri

Shane Boothby and Toby Austin Locke

public works with Isaac Marrero-Guillamón

Shane Boothby

Toby Austin Locke

Art Moves

Wick on Wheels wil be taking part in the Art Moves exhibtion on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on the 20th & 21st of September 2014

'The Art Moves exhibition will showcase the very best of mobile architecture and design as part of Open House London weekend. ... Bringing together artists from across Europe to discuss their portable practices and explore how mobile art projects have contributed to communities and regeneration schemes across the world.

A free film and talks programme will compliment the event, screening famous artists' films such as Mike Kelley's Mobile Homestead which toured the United States, and a talk from internationally renowned art collective N55 from Copenhagen.'

R-urban will house a mini exhibition on the back of Wick on Wheels of mobile urban projects which deal with sustainabilty.

In addition we will be hosting a Wick Session at the show on Saturday the 20th. Times and speakers to be confirmed shortly.

Tools for East London - Help us raise funds for a Tool Lending Library

We are excited to launch our first ever crowd funding campaign to set up a Tool Lending Library in East London. Please help spread the word and donate if you can - no contribution is too small ... or big.

The tool lending library will provide easy and affordable access to a wide range of good quality tools. It builds on the local lending ethos which is already strong and helps us establish an active support network for makers in the area. The system is simple: A small monthly fee will allow members to borrow tools and have an active say in what tools will be stocked and how the library will be run.
We have done our research which you can check out on our website. More info is also available on the Indiegogo page.

The R-Urban Wick Tool Library will be the first in London and one of the first of its kind in the UK. It will do a lot of things:
- stock, lend and maintain tools
- the 'tool pool' will connect makers to exchange tools and expertise directly between themselves
- recirculate used tools which have become surplus in the construction industry
- offer a venue to host talks and workshops around making to share skills and knowledge

We need your help to get this new and exciting facility off the ground!

We have a wide range of perks to reward your generousity. Perks start from your name being inscribed on the 'Supporters Wall of Fame' and/or having a tool named in your honour. Monthly or annual memberships for the tool library, a collection of public works, R-Urban Wick publication and a special series of hand made P£ANK Furniture designed and built by our team and a special tour of Hackney Wick on our Wick on Wheels Milk Float.

Apart from donations we mainly need your help in setting up a community of like minded who want to be involved with the Tool Library.
It would be fantastic if you could help spread the word by simply clicking the Facebook and Twitter links on our Indiegogo page.

We leave you with a picture (above) of the Berkley Tool Lending Library in California which started in a small caravan and has since grown into a successful public resource.

Open Access workshops - a list, a map and a network

Following on from the last Wick Session on open workshop, Maria from the Black Horse Workshop organised a first meeting of OWL - Open Workshops London. Owl is a monthly (or so) gathering of the people behind workspaces across London to share experiences and contemplate joint actions or initiatives.

We spent a bit of time putting map of Open Workshops together a list of version of the same content can be seen here. Let us know if we missed anything important or if you would like to be included.

The map and list is an extension of Martin Dittus' list of open workshops in London which you can find here