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we are artists how can we help? - call for submissions


Proposals are invited for meaningful temporary art works and/or other projects to be situated in the public realm, (including web-based works) to address the complex and dynamic environment of Hackney Wick and Fish Island. The work is to be exhibited or launched at Hackney Wicked, July 2011.
The aim of the commissions is to test the capacity for "home grown" art and other creative practices to be part of the ongoing debate to shape the future of Hackney Wick and Fish Island.
The proposal must therefore address or respond to at least one of the statements regarding art practice, regeneration and Hackney Wick/Fish Island from the "We are artists how can we help" debate, these are illustrated and listed in the brief and appendix. You may proposal a work that opposes or supports a particular statement.
You can download the brief and appendix here

Call for submissions 3rd May
Deadline for submissions 24th May
Selection 27th May
Contract signing 31st May
The work to be complete and exhibited at Hackney Wicked festival July 2011
You can download the submission template as a word document here
and the submission template as a zipped InDesign document here
For information updates you can go to the "we are artists how can we help" blog

24 Hour Olympic State


The Olympic Games, Urban renewal & Surveillance: A marathon of presentations, film, sound, performance and discussion


The Olympics can arguably be described as a laboratory for the neoliberal city utopia; after all, the Games represent the success of a brand and an event based on a combination of massive urban renewal, dodgy governance, hugely profitable advertising and broadcasting contracts, the corporatisation and militarisation of public space, and the criminalisation of dissent.

The Olympics depend, to a large scale, on their ability to operate on a clean, consensual space: without history, without discontents, without opposition. The Olympic Park is the fantasy of such space, Jim Woodall's Olympic State installation, currently on show at See Studio Exhibition Space, is one of its disruptions.

The Olympics Games is the strategic occupation of the social and economic space of the city, but they allow, or even invite, for a tactical response. The goal of this 24h marathon of activities, echoing the 24hr surveillance of the site, is to bring together artists, activists and researchers challenging the Olympic dream.

We wish to amplify Jim Woodall's radical gesture by summoning an assemblage of talks, films, interventions, performances and concerts which are part of the myriad of militant productions taking place in the city right now.

In particular, we are interested in exploring the dynamics of urban renewal brought to East London by the Olympics and the issue of surveillance and control of public space. This 24 hour event aims at providing a generous and welcoming space for discussion. Join us for an evening, a night, a morning or a day - or stay up for the whole marathon...

24 HOUR OLYMPIC STATE is curated by Isaac Marrero, Cristina Garrido and Jim Woodall

You can download the press release here

Thursday 5th May 18:00 - Friday 6th May 17:59

E9 5LX
020 8986 6477

Barbeque beautifully prepared and served by 'The Sit Down Affair'.

PRINT(ED) MATTERS Verity-Jane Keefe


You are invited to the premiere of "Print(ed) Matters", a cinematic portrait of the process of print in Hackney Wick, by the visual artist Verity-Jane Keefe, which will be screened in the yard of Central Books on Friday May 6th 2011 at 8.00-9.30pm. For directions please see the invite here.

The Hackney Wick and Fish Island area is a rich tapestry of both artist and industrial production. The film makes visible the often invisible industry within the area, focusing on the chain of print: printing to finishing to distribution, whilst exploring both the similarity between art practise and industry, and the process of production and making.

The artist has worked with Quadroprint DM Ltd, BRG finishing and Central Books Ltd to construct a narrative soundtrack of the relationship between industry, the local area and art in general to accompany the film. The film (11 minutes) has been shot in high definition and will be screened to both an invited and incidental audience passing by. Refreshments will be served and an accompanying inventory of skills (used and unused) of the workers of Hackney Wick and Fish Island, will be distributed.

London Thames Gateway Development Corporation have commissioned a program of artworks as part of the Hackney Wick and Fish Island urban improvements. These improvements address issues of severance and seek to increase the quality and permeability of the public realm, for the benefit of local residents and visitors.

Print(ed) Matters is one of six temporary commissions that explicitly addresses improved social connectivity and "joining up" of isolated and/or disparate communities. All of the temporary commissions supported the brief development for three permanent commissions and are an opportunity to address with interested parties expectations of what art practice can deliver within an urban design context.


you can download the pdf invite here
and the press release here.

Friday 6th May 2011
Refreshments will be served.
The film will be screened at 8.30 and again at 9pm.
Central Books Ltd Yard
99 Wallis Road
E9 5LN
Enter via the yard entrance on Wallis Road.