Wick Curiosity Shop


Shop at Hackney Wick Festival

The Wick Curiosity Shop returns for another year at the Hackney Wick Festival, come and explore and contribute to the curiosities of Hackney Wick, take part in a local WICK quiz, listen to some Hackney Wick tunes and view the shops latest products and photo booth!
Over the summer The Wick Curiosity Shop has been working closely with the 'East London Lives 2012' digital archive project. It will have one of its first public outings at the festival with the Wick Curiosity Shop,giving you an opportunity to look at some of the research with local people about the area- come meet the people behind the project and find out more!

Leabank Square meets the SHOP!

On Sunday 12th July the Wick Curiosity Shop takes trip down to Leabank Square in the heart of the wick!

It joins Leabank Clean up day orgaised by local resident Sona, the porch invites local residents to stop by the shop for a rest and an opportunity to listen to songs about the Wick, have a chance to win a LTD edition calender made by Wick shop keepers all about the Wick, residents will also have the chance to make a contribtion to the shop by making a Leabnank poster and having their photographs taken!

It's also an opportunity to find out about the project ‘East London Lives 2012’ digital archive’ that the Wick Curiosity Shop is involved with which launches this summer!

Please join us from 1PM on Leabank Square!


Velda is a legend! She is one of the heart

and soul’s from Hackney Wick and has kindly agreed to bring her very own produce to the ‘Wick Curiosity Shop’…HER VOICE!

From spending time with Velda it is clear she likes a party and sing a long when she was invited to sing at Wick Curiosity Shop it was not too hard to persuade her!

She will sing a couple of old timer classics that are close to her heart, music she listened to as young lass out and about in the Wick.

Velda will introduce the music quiz with a tune.


I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts… Down at an english fair one evening I was there When I heard a showman shouting underneath the flair I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts There they are all standing in a row Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head Give them a twist a flick of the wrist That’s what the showman said I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts Every ball you throw will make me rich There stands my wife, the idol of me life Singing roll a bowl a ball a penny a pitch Roll a bowl a ball a penny a pitch Roll a bowl a ball a penny a pitch


Weds 27th August. 2pm Picnic, music bingo quiz and singing for the elder generation of Hackney Wick Please join the ‘Time To Tea’ event on the green, an afternoon of musical memories and singing along to the records we love. Please bring any of your favourite cds along with you and play them to your friends over tea and cakes. The music bingo quiz will take place in the afternoon, so get your thinking caps on and answers ready, have the chance to win some musical prizes! All donations go towards to Trowbridge Senior Citizen Club for the general running and outings at club Meeting point-On the green next to Trowbridge Senior Citizen Club, Opposite St Mary Eton church on the Eastway rd, E9.

Wick Curiosity Shop ~ the first outing

The Mobile Porch had its first outing onto the green on the Eastway as the Wick Curiosity Shop was launched with an evening of socialising with some fine Pudding Mill River local, wild produce and impromtu performances and presentations. Charlie from Manor Garden Allotments (http://www.lifeisland.org) brought along some samples of their produce as did Steve Dowding of the Hackney Tree Nursery and Edible Forest Garden (http://clubplan.org/CMS/page.asp?org=2673&id=564)