Wick Curiosity Shop


The Wick Common Shop presents: Mini Exhibition

On Saturday 19th September, 12pm-6pm, the Wick Common Shop hosts a final exhibition and celebrates the Shop's six-month long residency in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The opening (and closing event) is part of the The Harvest Stomp festival, which is a new community festival being held at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to celebrate local growing and local produce.

The final exhibition is showcasing the final products from our residency artists including film, publications, poetry and photography.

Artists of the show: Andrea Nicholas De Montis, Joao Braganca Gil, Foxtrot Collective, Sara Karpanen, Henrietta Norton and Jude Rosen.

Poetry reading by Jude Rosen at 5.00pm.

The Wick Common Shop: BBQ in the Mobile Garden City

Come along on Wednesday 19 August from 4.30pm to 7.30pm to visit the Wick Common Shop's archive with a FREE BBQ at the The Mobile Garden City. The Shed invigilator and artist Sara Karpanen will be giving ‘shed tours’ and hosting a participatory art work for public.

Join for the BBQ, face painting, and a smoothie bike for you to make own fresh fruit smoothies. There will also be a community gardener there to answer any of your gardening questions. Please feel free to bring along your own picnics and refreshments.

For a six-month period the Wick Common Shop hosted events, workshops and exhibitions around the idea of the ‘Common Object’ at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The Shop’s current residency is in the Mobile Garden City.

Mobile Garden City was developed from an original concept and design ideas by Public Works and Somewhere. Groundwork London is managing the garden on behalf of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.


The Wick Common Shop mini residency progamme starts in July. The residencies will have public workshops, which visitors can paricipate in. The Wick Common Shop takes place in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park where it documents the area's unofficial and "minor" history through an eclectic collection of memories, local produce, memorabilia, oral history, songs and stories. It doesn't provide an overarching narrative, but a tapestry of mostly disregarded facts and experiences one can navigate in various ways creating as many narratives.


WHEN: 19th June 2015, 11am - 1pm
WHAT: Workshop
WHERE: The Wick Common Shop, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park (south of the Park, by the fountain right next to the Orbit)
WHO: Andrea Nicholas De Montis, Joao Braganca Gil

Wick-ed Products is a hands-on workshop, led by designers Andrea Nicholas De Montis and Joao Braganca Gil. The workshop will investigate the relationships we have as users of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to the Park landscape itself. We will make and use objects as conversation starters to understand and discuss the Park and explore how products can suggest new possibilities for future uses. Referring back the Park’s previous histories of collective and self-organised activities and spaces, as documented in the Wick Common Shop, the workshop will initiate a collaborative Do-It- Together inquiry into public space.


WHEN: 27th – 28th June 2015 11am - 5pm
WHAT: Workshop
WHERE: The Wick Common Shop, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
(south of the Park, by the fountain right next to the Orbit)
WHO: Foxtrot Collective

Foxtrot Collective will invite visitors and locals to question virtual representations of reality. There have been many computer generated images of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park which are produced to showcase the futuristic vision of the area. However, is ‘What you see, What you get?’ Can these digital projections help us understand its current reality? The collective will present a series of interactive objects such as virtual reality glasses and a handmade zine which gathers our findings and interpretations on “homemade augmented reality”. This will be printed in advance and the booklet will be bound on site according to visitors’ suggestions.

Foxtrot Collective takes its name from the international maritime signal flag, the definition: “I am disabled; communicate with me.” This reflects a desire to interact with the mind of others who benefit from creating common experience. The collective consists of four local creatives coming from distinct disciplines of urbanism/design/photography/art, who value the types of crossexamined knowledge arising from interdisciplinarity. Our collective built itself spontaneously as we felt the need to individually explore our own field and collectively express something about our environment.


WHEN: 4th – 5th July 2015, 11am - 5pm
WHAT: Poetry walk and writing workshop
WHERE: The Wick Common Shop, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
(south of the Park, by the fountain right next to the Orbit)
WHO: Jude Rosen and Julian Cheyne

Anyone curious about a different take on the Olympic and Paralympic Games and imaginative, critical retelling of the story, can participate.

Saturday 11 am - 1 pm Workshop 1: How to search the archive, record people’s stories on the street and our own impressions of the area.
Saturday 2 - 5 pm: A Poem and Living History Walk of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park: an alternative view of the legacy redevelopment. Everything you wanted to know about the Olympic Park but never dared to ask.

Sunday 11 am - 1 pm Gathering Material Walk of Hackney Wick collecting untold stories and intriguing objects.
Sunday 2 - 5 pm Workshop 2: turning snippets of interviews, stories and inspiring objects into short prose, poems and newspaper articles.

Jude Rosen is an urban researcher and poet. She has specialised in urban culture, diversity and citizenship using narrative methods. Out of a collaboration with artists’ group WeSellBoxesWeBuyGold, she began to produce the Reclamations poems of walks, voices and narratives from the former Olympic zone and borderlands.

Julian Cheyne is a historian by training and former resident of Clays Lane estate who opposed its compulsory purchase for the former Olympic village. Since 2006 he has written for the Games Monitor website and continues to monitor the legacy of the Games.


WHEN: 12th July 2015 at 2 - 3pm
WHAT: Walk
WHERE: Hackney Wick Overground Station
WHO: Henrietta Norton, Dan Dennison

Documentarist Henrietta Norton’s grandmother Iris Bedell grew up in the Wick back in the 1930s. During a two-day residency, Henrietta will document the memories of her grandma about the area at the Wick Common Shop. On Sunday, Iris will lead a walking tour around the Wick. The journey will be recorded into a podcast that other visitors can download. The tour will end at the location of her grandma’s old house on White Post Lane, where Henrietta will project photographs on the spot they were taken over 80 years ago.

Henrietta Norton is a creative producer and documentary maker who has worked on a variety of large-scale, social and creative projects across the UK and internationally. Most recently she has been producing and directing an independent documentary in Northern Ireland following a project she created and produced in Derry – Londonderry in 2013 called ‘I am not quiet’. Hen is currently shooting a short documentary in North Dakota as part of a feature for the Guardian US.

Dan Dennison is a director of photography & co- producer. Dan travels extensively documenting current affairs, humanitarian crises, social and political issues in various regions of the Middle East, North America and Europe. Dan’s a stringer for Getty Images News with his photos and feature stories appearing in print and online. He works with many other clients; both editorial, commercial and on many personal projects.

OPEN GATES II: The Shed Workshop

Spaces of commoning: where collective making takes place for a common good
Space of one’s own: where individual making takes place for one’s personal practice.

Warehouse living in Hackney Wick and Fish Island is supporting common practices: Communal dinners, collective urban gardening and creative collaborations take place in disused industiral spaces which benefit the local community. The urban gardens appropriate found objects while studios are made collectively from reclaimed materials. While it is important to utilize the communal spaces collectively, is also important to have a space of one’s own: whether it’s an insulated temporary structure, a desk space or a mobile shed that provides an affordable, independent and accessible space for practice. The community helps to connect the spaces in which individual and collective practices take place.

Open Gates II : The Shed Workshop aims to think about the importance of independent spaces and to build a communal shed structure with recycled materials.

The workshop starts at the Common Shop at 5pm with an introduction to a variety of local and global shed examples by local artist Sara Kärpänen.

At 6pm the workshop continues to Vittoria Wharf, Hackney Wick where the participants will build their own common structure with recycled materials.

The event is open for public. No RSVP necessary

Bring your scrap wood and tools!


Saturday 2 May 2015, 5pm-9pm

5pm: The Wick Common Shop, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

6pm-9pm: Unit 17 / Yard, 10 Stour Road, Hackney Wick, E3 2NT