Wick Curiosity Shop


Leabank Square meets the SHOP!

On Sunday 12th July the Wick Curiosity Shop takes trip down to Leabank Square in the heart of the wick!

It joins Leabank Clean up day orgaised by local resident Sona, the porch invites local residents to stop by the shop for a rest and an opportunity to listen to songs about the Wick, have a chance to win a LTD edition calender made by Wick shop keepers all about the Wick, residents will also have the chance to make a contribtion to the shop by making a Leabnank poster and having their photographs taken!

It's also an opportunity to find out about the project ‘East London Lives 2012’ digital archive’ that the Wick Curiosity Shop is involved with which launches this summer!

Please join us from 1PM on Leabank Square!