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WCS at Salon de Refuses Olympique - Alternative Legacies at Elevator Gallery

The Wick Curiosity Shop was introduced to a new audience and we sold a few more calendars at the 'Salon de Refuses Olympique - Alternative Legacies' held at Elevator Gallery in Hackney Wick. A pdf of the programme of presentations at the event will soon be available to download here.

October 2008’s ‘ Salon de Refuses Olympique’ as part of TINAG Festival proved to be a very interesting affair and Hilary Powell was invited by MUF architects to reconvene and expand the session to enable visiting architecture students from Yale a chance to enter into both the official and unofficial attitudes to the Olympic development.
This event was the latest manifestation of what began as the [space] initiated ‘Olympic Artist Forum’ - an evening of presentations and discussion exploring creative responses to the changing London 2012 Olympic site and surrounding regeneration zone. The salon gives voice to those operating alongside official cultural programming and offering a more critical stance - from outright rejection of the ‘Olympic story’ to ironic critique and adaptive actions. Primarily this salon aims to address practices that attempt to engage audiences and participants with the Olympic-led regeneration and changes happening in East London in the run-up to 2012 in a thought provoking way and creative way. The event featured short presentations of work by participants using their vision and visuals as prompts to engage with key questions raised within the salon, most specifically in this case, alternative legacies and what this could mean.
Short presentations of work by:
Hilary Powell
Emma Dwyer MOLAS
Stephen Cornford
Tessa Garland
Gesche Wuerfel
Wick Curiosity Shop
Julika Gittner and Jon Purnell with their project ‘From the Picturesque to the Demolished’ centred on the demolition of Angel Cottage, Stratford.
Jean-Francois Prost with Adaptive Actions
Thomas Pausz working on a project with Manor Garden Allotments

We were really happy to meet Simon and Cherie of Elevator Gallery and build new and exciting links in Hackney Wick

Thanks to Joanna Hughes from Mother Studios for taking the photographs of Hilary Powell's film 'The Games' screening and Jean-Francois Prost's presentation.