Wick Curiosity Shop


A Walk on the Wild and Fruity Side of the Wick

Last weekend's walk took in some of the rapidly changing views from the nearby Greenway over the Olympic Park - the cranes are multiplying! There was a small group of us and plenty of opportunity to chat about the area as we tucked into blackberry cakes and cordial provided by PUDDING MILL RIVER and searched for apples. The blackberries were harder to come by but what was gathered was kindly donated to PUDDING MILL RIVER - to produce more cakes and cordial for the next event! (see 'time for tea' posting). We found a plum orchard with one plum left, rosehips not quite ready for picking and lots of hawthorn berries for some experiments in 'hedgerow jam' making. Steve from the edible forest garden (one of the Wick Curiosity Shop contributors) got stuck into to seeking out new harvests and came back with our first sample of Wick Rocket growing near the canal.